We make our capsules only with our best coffee mix, the most balanced ones, created from beans selected in the 4 corners of the world for their properties in taste and aroma. The espresso coffee in capsules is our latest project, it begun with the intention of taking the quality of a good coffee in everybody’s houses and offices.


Torrefazione Caffè del Conte was created in 1998 in Casalgrande (RE) thanks to the work of two passionates of coffee and aromas from the world, that shared the desire of promoting a renewed culture for Italian coffee. After e brief period in Rubiera (RE), in 2017 the offices and the artesan production were moved in San Prospero resort Il Moro., where the work of Torrefazione is managed costructively togheter with other brands in the Ho.Re.Ca market.


The costant research for new and better products, the traditional knoweledge of coffee making and the attention to the always evolving market, led Torrefazione del Conte to expand in the Emilia’s territory and beyond, with a radicated attention to tradition and to the final client, which always remains the most important judge!